If you have been following the latest Google Penguin and Hummingbird updates in 2013, you would know that at least 82% of small businesses ranking on page 1 in Google have now been shunned to Page 10-20!

This is because Google keeps on increasing the complexity of their algorithm to keep webmaster on their toes. This also means that subpar link building services can now easily place your website in a Google penalty/sandbox.

However, there is only one method I have used in the last 4 years which has stood the test of time. This method revolves around building back links through the homepages of extremely powerful and authoritative high PR domains.

Let a $1,832,199 Marketer Help You Rank BRAND NEW domains within 3 months using JUST A HANDFUL of high quality HOMEPAGE Backlinks – GUARANTEED!


So who exactly am I and why would you bother even listening to me?

My name is Yasir Khan and I have generated over $1.8 million over the last 4 years marketing small businesses, lawyers, dentists etc.

Since Google’s algorithms have been evolving for the last 4 years, I have 5 full-time staff members whose job is to try out new link building techniques and see which ones are effective in terms of online marketing.

I hate to break it to you but the last set of algorithmic changes have ensured that 99.9% of link building methods are now either totally obsolete or simply weigh your website down in terms of rankings.

Yes, this also means that the vast majority of small business owners will have absolutely no clue how to get those much coveted rankings again.

To make the situation worse, most SEO professionals have absolutely no idea which link building techniques work these days and which do not. Most of them are just trying to use the same old link building methods, irrespective of the fact that these techniques show their clients absolutely no results.

After investing over $110,000 trying out different link building methods to promote small businesses online, I am proud to announce that the ONLY method which has shown us excellent results time and time again is the home page back link method.

So what exactly is the home page back link method?

Simply put, this method allows us to build extremely high quality links for you in order to get you ranked for extremely competitive keywords.

The best part is that I have had brand-new websites ranking at the top with only 10 or 15 of these links!

Yes, you just need a handful of links in order to beat out the heavyweight websites which have been lurking near the top 4 years. These websites include Wikipedia, CNN, BBC and Huffington Post entries which are extremely difficult to beat.

So now the question is, why can’t more SEO professionals use this method for their clients?

Well the answer is simple:

99% of SEO professionals either do not know that this method is so effective, or they simply do not have the capital to make it work.

Proof of results:

You not have to believe me since you obviously have not yet tried our services. If you like, please use the contact form to your right in order to request ranking reports from me. This will show you have different businesses are reclaiming the top spots using just a handful of our homepage backlinks.

Are there any drawbacks of using this method? Is it risky?

I personally guarantee that this method is by far the most effective method you will ever come across. Also, every single link built for you will come from an extremely high authority domain, which is in good standing with Google. We have never had a penalty associated with this method simply because it uses a very high link quality.

How much does it cost?

I will be honest with you: Since this method comprises of extremely high quality links it isn’t exactly the cheapest method available. However, the benefits dramatically outweigh the costs associated with this method.

Instructions to order homepage back links to this website:

In order to ensure customized service to each client, we feel it is better for you to send us the URL and the top 5 keyword phrases for your website so we can take a look at the competition level. This will then allow us to let you know the exact investment required in order to see good results.

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to fill out the form to your right and I would be happy to explain everything over the phone.


Yasir Khan

Owner of Home Page Link Building

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