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No BS – just a white-hat link building method which shows results consistently.

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Aren't you sick and tired of trying to rank your website in Google so you could generate sales or get call-ins from customers?

Ask yourself: Why are the link I build not working? Why am I not seeing results?

The answer is simple: You are building extremely low quality links to your site & they might even get you penalized!

I have something better which will rank you & increase your website revenue.

Learn How I Have Been Able To Rank For Competitive Terms Such "Used Car Dealerships" In Google & How I Can Help Your Website Get Ranked At The Top In 3 Months As Well - GUARANTEED!

So who exactly am I and why would you bother even listening to me?


My name is Yasir Khan and I have generated over $2 million over the last 5 years helping small business owners increase their profits by getting ranked in Google.

I hate to break it to you but the last set of algorithmic changes have ensured that 99.9% of link building methods are now either totally obsolete or simply weigh your website down in terms of rankings.

These link building tactics will (generally speaking) get your website penalized in Google because they are frowned upon now:

  • Social bookmarking
  • Article submission
  • PDF submissions
  • Link wheels
  • Forum profiles
  • EDU and GOV comment links

You get the idea, don't you?

To make the situation worse, most SEO professionals have absolutely no idea which link building techniques work these days and which do not. Most of them are just trying to use the same old link building methods, irrespective of the fact that these techniques show their clients absolutely no results.

After investing over $110,000 trying out different link building methods to promote small businesses online, I am proud to announce that the ONLY method which has shown us excellent results time and time again is the home page back link method.

So what exactly is this method all about?


Here's the thing: Over the past few years, I have purchased websites which were featured on BBC, CNN, Wikipedia, DMOZ, JoeAnt, CP24, Fox News and many other ultra-authoritative websites

The websites I own are really old - some of them go back all the way to 1998!

They were legitimate websites when I purchased them & their link profile is simply amazing.

A good chunk of these domains have a Trust Flow of 22-29 on Majestic SEO so I know for a fact that they are in good standing with the search engines.

So what does it all mean?

It means that when I get you links from these websites, you will see a huge increase in rankings because these websites are featured on websites like CNN, BBC, Wikipedia etc.

The best part is that you don't need a lot of links. If you are a local business, just 10 links will do wonders for you! If you compete on a bigger scale, 20-25 links should be enough.

Here's what you need to know:

  • This is NOT a black-hat tactic. Google actually loves these links because they come from authority sources.
  • This is NOT a blog network. These are actual legitimate stand-alone websites which have good standing in the search engines
  • I own websites catering to different niches so irrespective of what website you order for, I will have something for you.

If you want proof that this method works, simply go to the Contact Us page and ask us for ranking reports.

Once again, you are covered by my guarantee which says that I will get your website ranked within 3 months (or it is free for you after that).

I am very confident you will see results with my services.


Yasir Khan

Marketing Consultant & Brand Strategist

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3 Month Guarantee

If after 3 months you don't see good results, I will work for you for free till you do.


"I really liked this product, it helped me get started with photography like I had always dreamed of!"
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