Article Marketing the Right Way (Hint: The Links are Still Important)

Article marketing is so old, it’s become new again. Well not really but I still see other SEO experts mentioning how article marketing is dead. The thing is, they say this because they don’t understand what article marketing actually is. It is not article directory marketing and it’s technically not SEO either. However, it can have an effect on your SEO efforts even though that’s a secondary rather than a primary benefit of article marketing.

What Article Marketing Isn’t

Okay, let’s start with what article marketing isn’t. It is not the old style BUM marketing which is better called article directory marketing. That kind of SEO involved creating thousands or even millions of links from article directories all over the web and then using those for your SEO efforts. It worked for a while but hasn’t been a good method of SEO for at least 5 years and probably longer.

The Right Way to Do Article Marketing

The right way to do article marketing is to create really high quality content which will get picked up wire style by major newspapers. In order to understand what this involves, go and pay a visit to your favorite major newspaper website. Doesn’t matter which one you choose. They’ll all have the same kind of thing.

There will be a mix of articles on the site, many by their own staff reporters. However, if you check carefully, you’ll find that a number of articles say they were written by AP or Agence France Presse. These are known as wire services. They have reporters all over the world whose stories will be run in multiple newspapers.

Real article marketing in essence means becoming like a wire service. You create high quality content within your niche and then you take that content and then include a link in the about the author section. Large websites pick up your article and they then provide a quality link back to your website.

The Main Benefit of Article Marketing

The main benefit of article marketing is not really about SEO though it does have to do with link building. The main benefit is that you get a link from a well known website which will provide you with plenty of direct link traffic. The search engines never actually enter into this equation and often, the articles will be ignored by the search engines because they are the same content as exists elsewhere.

Secondary Benefit Related to SEO

The secondary benefit of article marketing, which is related to link building SEO is that you develop a reputation with the public at large. This will then allow you to get lots of high quality natural links back to your site because you are considered an authority. In addition, you may also get linked back to directly from the website where you placed an article because they also consider you an authority.

Bottom Line

Article marketing is still one of the most effective methods available for getting plenty of traffic to your website and it even has benefits for your SEO efforts. However, it has to be done right. Write very high quality, long form articles which quality websites and newsletters will WANT to publish and you’ll see the traffic beat a path to your virtual door.