5 Link Types That Still Work in 2014

I know very well that a number of people have been making dire predictions about how link building is dead in 2014. And you know what? They’re right. Link building as we once did it is dead and buried and good riddance to the old, spammy way that so many people built links. Those methods that worked so well in 2010 are not only worthless today. They can actually hurt you.

It’s All about Relevance

Before we actually get into talking about link types, we need to mention that quantity is nowhere near as important as quality. Google’s system is now designed to check carefully if a link comes from a relevant site. If it doesn’t, it can hurt you in the long run. That said, here are five kinds of links which can work well today if you use them correctly:

.Edu Pages

Please note that it’s no longer enough to simply put a link to your website selling dog food into the wiki page of the sociology department at some university. Instead, you need to individually hunt down the .edu page which would actually be relevant to you (i.e. the dog food thing might work on the veterinary college’s wiki page if you can write something worthwhile and relevant and not just spammy ad garbage).

.Gov Pages

Or consider a .gov site which deals with your particular niche. For example, a financial services company might create relevant content on a .gov wiki about retirement planning. You should also look to ensure that the page you create your links on is actively moderated. That will help ensure that you don’t end up getting a link on a relevant page which is buried in junk links making Google decide to penalize you for it.

Forum Links

No, you can’t just set up Xrummer to create millions of forum profile links for you. That doesn’t work and can actually hurt you. However, if you find relevant forums which are actively moderated to ensure that spam is not allowed there and you actively participate and provide useful ideas and content on the forum, these kinds of links can still be very valuable.

Job Boards

Yes, job boards can still provide you with good quality links which get people to click on them and which get you some Google love. Moz.com even mentions these kinds of links specifically as being useful for creating good quality SEO. Of course again, relevance is king. Don’t think that you can simply create a fake job listing in order to get a link from a job board. You need to genuinely be looking for someone and the ad needs to genuinely be about your company and be placed in the appropriate section of the site.

Non Profit Organizations

This is still a great way to get links though you do need to provide something of value in order to make it work. In essence, you can get a link from a well known non profit organization and this will count highly for your SEO efforts but only if you agree to provide some kind of sponsorship for them. This can either be in the form of an in kind donation or in the form of a cash donation.