Can DIY Link Building Work for Your Business?

diy seo - can it help your business?

Business owners like to save money wherever possible, for obvious reasons. As a result, many try to run their own SEO campaigns instead of paying SEO professionals to do linkbuilding and write SEO-friendly content for them. However, most learn pretty early on that SEO is not as easy as it sounds, and experience and contacts in the industry are a must for real success.

Even a blog post on DIY SEO I read recently begins by saying that if you have the financial resources to support a professional SEO campaign with professional linkbuilding, you should do it. However, I did learn a few things from the post and my time in the industry that I’ll pass along to you.

DIY linkbuilding is not going to put your site on the first SERP of Google. However, having a few good links already established can help SEO professionals do their work faster, and you’ll learn a good deal about the inner workings of SEO while you’re trying to build links for yourself. Understanding how search engines work is key to making your business successful online, even if you have professionals bringing you web traffic on autopilot. That’s one of the major reasons we run this blog – yes, we want you to let us help you directly, but we also want you to understand what it is we do.

Here are a few great tips that will help you build up a strong base of links on your own:

  • If you have a YouTube channel, include links back to your site in both your YouTube profile and the “About” sections for individual videos. If you don’t have a YouTube channel, you should strongly consider getting one if you ever create any video content.
  • Use Google+ to create links. Although Google+ isn’t anywhere near as useful for direct-to-customer marketing as Facebook or Twitter, it can be equally useful (or more so) in terms of linkbuilding, because Google trusts Google+ as a source – convenient, considering the social network is owned by Google.
  • If you’re a decent writer or can hire one at an affordable rate, try to land guest posts on blogs about your industry. If the content is good enough, it can often attract customers to you on its own – and links from established blogs to your main site can only boost your SEO.
  • Pinterest also allows (or even encourages) links in content created for the site. It’s another often-overlooked social networking site that can really help boost your standing on SERPs.

Of course, if any of these seem too challenging to do on your own, a professional SEO marketer or marketing team can easily help you with these while also doing some more advanced behind-the-scenes work.

In summary, DIY SEO and linkbuilding probably won’t work on its own for your company – but it can help the professionals get you results faster and teach you a great deal about the industry!