How a Social Media Presence Can Increase Your Relevance through Links

link building through social media linkbuilding with social media

Link building, a hugely important part of SEO that helps grant your site legitimacy and relevance on Google and other search engines (as well as giving interested parties an organic way to access your site without Google), often goes hand in hand with social media marketing.

It can be a complicated balancing act for even experts to make sense of in the fine details, but here’s the basic gist. Social media can do all of the following for you when used professionally and maintained properly:

  • Boost your main site’s credibility with links from relevant, high traffic sites like Facebook and Instagram
  • Help your brand take up even more of Google’s first page once you get there, shutting the competition out
  • Leading customers directly to your main website, and providing opportunities for them to shop, exchange messages with employees, and more
  • Temporarily rank higher in Google (and possibly other search engine) results because social media posts from large pages and well-followed accounts are given preferential treatment (like news articles).

How does this work? To use links with other sites to the advantage of your site, the other site in question must be legitimate and widely used. Social networks are some of the biggest and most legitimate sites around.

If your site, your Facebook, and your Instagram all make it to the top page of Google, you’ve taken up not one but three spots that could have belonged to your competitors.

Your social media profiles and your main site will all be linked to one another (usually many times over), creating a large network delivering your customers a wide variety of content in a wide variety of settings – holding their attention and piquing their curiosity. Also, social networks such as Facebook allow customers to shop with your store or message you with their comments and questions directly in their main interfaces.

Also, social media “stories,” or posts, from major social networking sites are often given preferential treatment in Google search result listings because of their relevance to many internet users and time-sensitive nature. Once you have grown your social media account(s) so that they’re relevant to large numbers of people, you can regularly use this feature of Google’s algorithm to your advantage to cause a spike in views at your main site.

While social media isn’t a cure-all for your current lack of solid links, it can definitely be a major part of the solution. With a strong social media presence and a proven, white-hat linkbuilding strategy such as ours combined, your business could become unstoppable online in a matter of months.