How We Get the Best Links for Our Clients

get good links for your company today

Anyone who knows anything knows there are good links and bad links – and if you look just a little deeper, it’s easier to tell one type from the other.

Good links are legitimate, authoritative, and based on the latest SEO science. Bad links, on the other hand, are exactly the opposite – spammy, not related to your content, and very outdated. While bad link building techniques worked in the past, Google and the other top search engines are wise to almost all the tricks now – even if you can get away with shoddy DIY or black hat link building for a little while, it’s not likely you’ll do it for long.

But how can you as a representative of your company know 100% whether or not an SEO marketing firm you’re considering hiring is a good one or a bad one? We’ll share tips on how we consistently get good, white hat links for our clients – look out for these if you’re trying to do your own link building or considering hiring another firm, because there are a lot of shoddy techniques for link building out there – but we use only the best.

1. We get links from legitimate sources, with a focus on content links.

We work hard to get you links from inside the written content of articles and blog posts, not in spam comments on forums or entries in directories already over full of bad links. While these kinds of shady link repositories might have worked in the early 2000s, they don’t do a thing for legitimate business SEO now.

2. We use techniques like press releases and article directories the right way.

A lot of SEO companies that are either inexperienced or out to game Google’s system will use techniques like press release writing and the use of article directories to spam Google (and/or one of its competitors in the search engine world) – and they’re almost always caught.

This can result in huge penalties for your company! However, there are legitimate, not spammy or unethical ways to use these services and techniques as well, and we’ve made a point of perfecting them here at Home Page Link Building, where we’re dedicated to getting our clients fast and legitimate SERP ranking boosts.

3. We share some of our advice and methods for free.

This is always the mark of a good company. If an SEO you’re considering hiring is extremely secretive about their methods, they’re probably doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

Obviously, a company can’t share all of its trade secrets, or its competitors would have an unfair advantage. However, an SEO firm that doesn’t maintain an advice blog like ours, offer consultations for free or a very low price, or talk openly about its methods is probably one you want to avoid like the plague.

Remember, when it comes to hiring an SEO marketer, it’s not just the money you’re risking – it’s your standing in the SERPs, which you must improve if you truly want your business to thrive in the 21st century internet marketing world.