Why is Home Page Link Building the Best Method?

We’ve always stood by our home page link building method as the cornerstone of our business and our SEO marketing tactics, but what makes it better than regular link building methods? There are a few factors we considered before deciding to make this one technique the cornerstone of our business.

Home Page Backlinks are Incredibly Valuable

Because links from within actual page content matter the most, home page links are already great. However, being on the home page itself actually makes them even more powerful and reputable than links within other content like “Our Partners” pages and blog posts.

Home page backlinks also probably get you more organic traffic – traffic that actually arrives at your site via the link(s) in question – than other types of links. It makes perfect sense, of course: every person that comes to a site we work with will see a link to your site right on the home page. That’s the ultimate endorsement one company can get from another.

This Method is Largely Unknown or Unused

Although this is a very powerful method, it isn’t over used like many SEO methods – and that means a lot in our business. When a particular method becomes over used, Google or one of the other search engine giants often does something to tweak how useful it is – almost always for the worst. If you know your SEO history even just a little bit, you’ll notice this is an ongoing trend.

Having a largely unused SEO method in our back pocket also gives us a bit of an advantage over SEO firms – who essentially become your competitors when you choose one SEO company over all the others out there. Having an advantage over them means we can get you results faster – and that the results themselves will be much more incredible.

However, the downside to having a method as effective as this one is that is often highly expensive. That being said, we always work with our clients to offer a fair price that’s competitive with all the other SEO firms out there.

We Only Use Highly Reputable Sites

The advantages of this are twofold:

  1. Because the sites we target for home page back link creation are very legitimate and popular, their links are more powerful than those from many less well trafficked sites.
  2. Because we choose long lasting sites with a great deal of appeal to a wide audience, we don’t have to worry about the sites hosting our links going under – which in many cases effectively renders those links useless.

Using only the most highly reputable sites out there on the web also increases our expenses quite a bit, but it’s a fair trade off for knowing we can always get our customers very quick but also long lasting results.