What You Probably Don’t Know About Anchor Text

anchor text matters to your seo linkbuilding more than you think

Let’s face it: anchor text is something a lot of web content writers, small business owners, webmasters, and even SEO marketers don’t think about. This could have a serious effect on their SEO, though!

When Google’s spiders crawl through your site and the sites that link back to yours, they don’t just look at and follow the links themselves; they also do their best to determine whether the anchor text – the words set off from the overall text (usually in blue underlined font) that site users can click on to travel to another page – is relevant to the destination (the page to which the customer travels).

If the link’s anchor text doesn’t seem relevant to the content that the link actually connects to, there’s a chance Google and/or the other search engines won’t count the link toward your site’s ranking in the SERPs. To prevent this and further optimize your page for good SEO, there are a few steps you can take.

First and easiest is to make sure all your internal links are using good anchor text. For example, you wouldn’t want a link to your blog to say “home page” – and however popular it was back in the day, “click here” is simply not acceptable – it doesn’t say anything about the content you’re linking to and can also make your site look shoddy or old-fashioned to users.

Then you’re going to want to take a look at external links to and from your site. This can get a bit trickier…

As you did with your internal links, make sure any external links that you have to other sites’ content use appropriate anchor text. Then look at some of the pages you know currently have external links connected to your site. Is their anchor text good?

If it is, just celebrate! If not, you do have some options:

  • If it’s a guest post you or a marketer working for you created, simply ask the site if you can make an edit, and change the anchor text.
  • If it’s the site owner’s or employee’s post, it may be more difficult to get the anchor text changed – but you could always ask, and perhaps even direct them to this article!
  • You can also do your best to ensure that all future external links to your site have good, relevant anchor text.

While anchor text certainly isn’t the end all be all of SEO, it is yet another one of many factors that Google and the other major search engine companies consider when they’re deciding what sites deserve to show up where on their SERPs – and, like many of those factors, it is ultimately under your control. There’s no excuse not to do your best.